Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend of Mother part 2

So the next evening I went to my sisters to see my Mom and let the cousins play. My Mother and the rest of my family were watching a baseball game on the Telly. SO i was pretty much bored out of my mind. I am not a sports person and never will be. Maybe you could get me to watch Ice Skating if i was in the right mood.

So in my boredom I took pictures. My sister did not wish to be photographed so I got her feet.

Than I got a shot of both my niece and nephew.

Than my sister showed me her gardens.

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Soon it was time to leave much to my daughters chagrin. You know how kids try to make 5 minute goodbyes last 30 minutes. So while waiting for her to pick up her stuff i got a picture of the bunny and the cat.

So Mom went home the next day, and soon after my roommate crashed the minivan so I will not be seeing my sister again anytime soon. I do have plans to see my Mother in a few weeks though as the ex husband is going to go on my vacation with me. That should be interesting.

Sorry if this blog was short and choppy and not my usual stuff. I am tired and just trying to get something on here. So you do not think I have given up altogether.

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