Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend of Mother

My Mom came to visit a couple weekends ago and stayed with my sister. We had to take the minivan and go pick her up though. Which made for an interesting weekend and journey. My Mother lives on Cape Cod which this time of year is traffic central. If you have ever been to the Cape during the summer or lived there you fully understand what I am saying. If you have never been I advise you to not go and maybe go in early fall or spring traffic still not so great but you will live through it much better.

The way down was a pretty uncomplicated trip except for a short amount of time on the way to the bridge which connects the rest of Massachusetts to the Cape. I do not drive so to be honest most of the time I did not even notice what was going on. I usually read or fall asleep. I think I slept a lot which annoyed my sister I am sure. Maybe a part of me likes that. I wonder if she will read this blog?

We did not bring lunch figuring my Mother would have something to feed us when we get there. On the phone she said hot dogs but she had changed her mind by the time we got there. I wish I had taken a picture of the sandwiches my Mother made because it was not your normal everyday lunch that is for sure. Turkey sandwiches on Cinnamon Raisin bread. I did not mind them but we left a few for my brother to find later.

Getting off Cape was pure boredom because we were stuck in traffic for hours. My Mother needed to get out and walk every now and than as her legs were bothering her. SO I would go with Mother dear while my sister drove next to us. I also took pictures of strange branches or whatever pleased me as I had nothing else to really

It took us eons to get to the bridge or at least it felt like it. I also started taking pictures of clouds.

When we finally got close to the bridge we stopped at a Starbucks for a bathroom break. Well it was supposed to just be for me. After I came out my Mother decided she was going to. So I bought her a water and a banana while I was waiting for her. She only ate part of the banana as it was bruised. Nothing ever is good enough for your Mother is it?

Pretty Flower.

I know that was random wasn't it?

We did finally get her to Vermont in one piece. We stopped for dinner and My Mother got us Boston Market. I had there Asian chicken salad it is really good too!

We decided I would meet up with them at my sisters house the next day after John(the roommate man thing) got out of work. SO be ready for part 2 of weekend of Mother!

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