Monday, September 5, 2011

Blah blah

What a boring day. The rain just keeps coming so I spent the day cleaning the bathroom and than did some light reading. Really not much of a productive day at all.

Not sure I am giving Bianca Kitty a good way of looking at rainy days since she spent it watching Anime and than left to go grocery shopping with a friend. I doubt we will do much tonight either except eat tuna noodle for dinner and than go to bed. Well I will probably stay up and play words with friends because it has become my latest addiction. I so love playing Scrabble.

In fact this is not a very interesting blog post at all. I did not even bake anything today. magic, baking, or interesting poems. Nadda!

So I leave you with this...I am still looking for a digital camera to make my blog more interesting with pics of the things i make and the places I go. If you know of anyone with a digital camera they do not want please send it my way. As mine was taken from me without any fault of my own.

Thanks and Blessings,
The Badbad Kitty

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