Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

What do these words mean to you? 

When I was younger and first began my journey with the craft I was taught by my beloved Ezzie that meant exactly what it says. You must have absolute love and trust for your sisters in the craft, and if you do not than you are with the wrong circle.  I have been put in this position twice now in my life.  The first time I was fine with it as I was not the only one to leave that coven, and in truth I was better for it. It was time for me to go out on my own. The second time was recently, and it was no coven but it still broke my heart to have to walk away.

I will not be in circle with anyone I cannot love and trust. I have done it on occasion and I usually end up in a very bad state. A place no one wants to be in I assure you. I do not know if I will ever have a place with these women again, but I know I cannot have a place with the one woman who I cannot trust. This is not a simple catty fight and silliness. I am well known by those who have known me long to be a woman of forgiveness, and have many friends that I have fought with on many occasion.  This goes deeper than that.

I was in the presence of someone who manipulated me at my weakest moments at a point in my life where everything had changed so much that I was incredibly vulnerable. Someone who I thought needed my help as well, and I often tried to do everything I could including ending up paying off a 200-dollar ticket so her child could have medicine. I brought her food when she was low, and stood by her when she said she needed someone there. She herself was always at my side almost constantly as well, and if I had known that her friendship was not genuine I would have ended it before things got so far out of hand. I will not give any more details except she lied, and caused problems in my life in almost every area. My romantic life, my social life, my witchy friends life, and even the worst offense was my situation in court with my abuser which caused problems in the court, but it was overcome for the most part.

This is someone I cannot be in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust with. I cannot do magick's with someone who has caused this much discord for me and why on earth would anyone mesh his or her energy with something like that. I would certainly never advise anyone I ever taught to do so, and in fact any one of my past students would say I have told them the opposite.  Your not finding the circle you joined to be comfortable than you get out and find one where you are. It is better to be solitary than to try and do magick when your mental, physical, or aura is in trouble.

Now I am not talking about public rituals, which you may not know everyone and obviously you do not have a personal relationship with. Than again all your shields should be well up in these situations.  I myself was foolish enough to go to a public ritual not too long ago when I was not well enough emotionally to be there. I was not prepared and ended up in a bad way. We all make mistakes no matter how experienced we are. Sometimes we just do not have our cloak on straight and our pointed hat is askew.

So now all that is said and I am happy to say the Goddess recently sent someone back my way. Someone who was once my student and now is a full fledged witch, and also in need of reaching back out. Magick is afoot ladies and gents, and yes the Goddess is well alive and looking after all of us who ask of her, and also those of us who use our power where and when it should be used.

Blessed Be in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. What does it mean to you? Would you do magick with those who you did not?


  1. Oh honey. I'm sorry you went through that. I'm very glad that you were able to turn it around and good things are happening again for you. *hugs*

  2. It is just another lesson learned, and from it I am spring anew again as we do over and over and over!!!