Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The grass needs some fertilizer

So lately I have been having the pity party vibe going on in my head.  Woe is me and all that.  Why you ask? Well because my latest relationship fell through in a very odd way (for another post), and finances are a mess due to the mistake of another (also for another post).  So I have spent most of my time whining to some of my friends, and the rest of the time whining to myself.  Yes everyone deserves their whine in the sun….wait or is that wine in the moonlight?  Hmmmmmm….well the point is we all need to have some time to heal, and I do have a lot of past where I have needed to heal. I guess that is the thing I am so sick of healing.

Than again wouldn’t it be nice for everything to be perfect in my life. HAHAHA! The grass is always greener is it not? I am always looking at the lives I would like to have (also for another post), and never just being happy with the life that has been given to me. I could say, “What is there to be happy about?” and I would have to answer, “I am not a starving child in Africa.” The fact is unless you are a child starving in Africa your pretty much doing OK.

Always look on the bright side of life. We like to stick out our tongue at that cliché and tell it go where the sun does not shine. The truth is we need some of these clichés to keep us on track and living out lives in a manner of hope, and appreciation.  I do after all have things to be thankful for. I have my daughter, a place to live (amazingly), my crazy pets, my crazier friends, and a pair of Hello Kitty slippers.

So this all being said I am going to give a little to charity this holiday season. I may not have much but there is always someone worse off. So make sure to give someone else a bit of hope this year, and if possible remember to do such things all year long from time to time.

 The grass really is not any greener for anyone else, and in fact they got their own problems. We all need to get more fertilizer.

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