Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My daily life and a cleaning tip

My life as a single Mom can sometimes be tedious and somewhat boring, but often I end up wishing I had never got bored when some crazy drama filled thing happens to rock my world. Which of course has recently happened, and I will be discussing those details in my next post. This however is about my basic every day life.

5:30am- Wake up, Start getting Bean up, Get out all her little pills fir Cystic Fibrosis and other things, take my own pills with a tall glass of water, yell in Bean's room get up NOW!

5:45am Bean is in shower, I make her some breakfast usually a micro waved Potato or some leftover soup

6:00am- Bean and I both have breakfast mine is usually hot quinoa or some eggs, she watches some TV and I hang out on Facebook, and start reading blogs out of my google reader.

6:30am - more Internet for me, Bean gets dressed

7:00am- Bianca is getting ready doing her hair, preparing her school stuff. I put together her snack for the day.

7:30am- Bianca leaves to catch the bus. I go back to bed for a couple hours

9:30am- Get up do 30 minutes of cardio on Wii or take a walk for an hour.

10:30am- Make phone calls, Clean Littler boxes, Sweep all the floors, clean bathroom counter, laundry, and other odds and ends.

Noontime- have lunch

1:00pm- Do extra chores I put aside for the day as in Wednesday I dust all the surfaces, clean microwave, and sometimes mop the living room floor (I hate mopping).

3:00pm- maybe gets some writing done, and keeps doing laundry

4:30pm- does dishes

5:00pm Prepare dinner

6:00pm- Bean gets home between 5:30pm and 6:00pm so we eat dinner when she gets home.

7:00pm- Bean does her vest for physical therapy

7:30pm- Maybe watch a movie with Bean or we do some other stuff including homework

9:00pm- Beans bedtime

After that I write or hang out on Facebook and Pinterest and so forth.

I usually go to bed about Midnight.

This is a typical day not including when I have appointments and such.

Now I clean my microwave the natural way. I use one cup white vinegar, one cup of water, and two capfuls of vanilla extract in a microwave bowl. I place it in the microwave and set the time for 5 minutes on high.  Than I let it sit for a couple minutes to let the steam really penetrate the inside if the microwave.  Than carefully take out the bowl. After that I take a damp cloth and swipe down all the walls in the microwave. I clean the glass plate in hot soapy water and after it dries put it in the nice clean microwave that smells pretty neat as well.

This is the life I really prefer its the nice boring one, and I hope someday to share it with a man who will enjoy the dinners I make and we will massage each others feet.

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