Thursday, October 4, 2012

Come to me Oil

MY own Come to me Oil

Peel of half a lemon

2 Tablespoons of dried and crushed rose petals
½ capful of Patchouli oil
4 capfuls of Jasmine Absolute
2 capfuls of Sandalwood absolute
2 capfuls of Rose Otto Absolute
1 capful of cinnamon oil
Carrier oil

I prefer to make oils in circle after I have purified myself either by bath or by smudging. After the circle has been made I light 2 red candles for passion, and energy. Than I put all ingredients in a dark bottle in order as above. If I feel it needs extra of any ingredient I add it. After this is done I shake the bottle and pass them above the candles. Than I hold the bottle in my hands and pour all of the red energy I can muster in to it. Which is usually a lot. Whilst doing this I chant Come to me to raise the energy. When this is done I place the bottle on my Pentacle disk and wait for the candles to burn out. So use either tea candles or small 4 inch candles is what I like to use.
You may open the circle at any time after you are done.

If you want a stronger oil add some lodestone filings. I only do this if I feel the oil is not working the way I want it to.

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