Monday, July 12, 2010

The Basics

Well it took me all day to pick a name but finally it is done. After much contemplation and discussion this is the name chosen for my new blog. I hope its catchy and you all like it. I spent some considerable time thinking of a Title that would really say me! This seems to work.

Now to get into who I am and what I am all about. I am known by many as Badbadkitty and on occasion Waternymph. The first suits me far more than the second name. I adore my cats and I am always getting into something. I also like a bad cat really do not care what others may think of my choices or of my logic. I suspect I will eventually have some people who will read my blog and not like what i have to say, and that is alright by me. I have always been different and its not a rebel thing like some may think. Its a I just am going to be me thing despite you telling me I should not be.

For starters I grew up in a Pentecostal Christian home and it just was not my bag. Do not expect me to christian bash though as I have many fine christian friends and we get along just fine. I just see things differently and never got into church or the Bible. I do think the Golden Rule is awesome though and is not that different than me believing in Karma. So no big deal I believe in something other than the normal standard of religion.

In fact right now I am doing this 13 day ritual transformation. Each day I have a different focus and an affirmation which has been posted to my facebook. Today was Fire and so I started this blog to get involved in my creativity. I used to write quite a bit but in recent years I keep falling behind in my writing. I get busy with my daughter or friends and what they need.

Yes I am one of those people who likes to be involved in my friends lives. I like baking especially and making them something yummy to eat. I may post recipes in the future or discuss how to make whipped cream. My answer to a problem is usually eat this cookie and you will feel better. Now you might think my friends are all really fat but most are pretty normal sized and i try to make a lot of stuff healthy for the most part. Except for a few things that you just have to have it the old fashioned fattening way or its no point in it at all. Also sometimes i make something high in calories just for my daughter because she really needs them.

Which brings me to my beautiful daughter who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone thinks it is a disease of the lungs but it is more than that. People with Cf are missing certain enzymes in there body that we use every day to keep mucous out of our lungs and also to digest our food properly. My daughter has more o the digestive problems and so we really have to push her to eat high calorie food. Not always so easy. She would rather eat Salmon and Mangoes than a cheeseburger and cake. She does have a G-tube which feeds basically liquid lunch into her while she sleeps every night. Bean (my old nickname for her) also has ADHD and Bipolar disorder so that makes things even more crazy in my house.

I also have Bipolar disorder and sometimes I can get a little weird myself, but not too much I take some medication which usually balances me out. A lot of people have little understanding of this disorder and think that it is just an excuse to scream and yell a lot. Well its no excuse and if I do scream and yell I still take responsibility of those actions. Usually I just get really manic and bake a lot or play with the kitties.

I have 6 cats to play with and take care of. Well actually only three of them are mine. Waffle (the tabby), Gnocchi (my black and white girl), and Jasmine ( my all white fluffy girl with two different colored eyes) all belong to me. Sugar( the black fluffy gal) belongs to Bean, and Jack(Black and White boy with double paws), and Shadow (little gray boy that looks an awful lot like a rat) belongs to my roommate John.

John is my off again on again ex boyfriend that has his own room in the house who is generally a good guy but sometimes drives me up the banana wall.

Well i think I explained most of my basic life to you and so I shall post again.


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