Saturday, July 24, 2010

Squash and Chicken Fajita's

Last night I decided to make something Tex Mex or Mexican because my daughter was not home. She does not care for such food so I usually avoid it when she is with me. When she is at her Dad's its time to fiesta with food.

I just love trying out different flavors in my food rather than traditional. Fajitas are usually sliced grilled meat, onions, peppers, and maybe some different condiments to go on it. I decided since i have so much summer squash from my CSA i needed to use it in my Fajitas. Also i had no Bell Peppers so squash came to my rescue.

First there was all the slicing of the veggies. Than of course i took out my saute pan and threw them in there with some olive oil.

After the onions Squash was soft but still slightly firm ( I do not want mushy squash!) I put them in a bowl and than threw the sliced chicken breasts chicken in. I also poured in some taco seasoning mix. I sometimes make my own and it comes out pretty yummy. This time however i used a premade seasoning mix.

After the chicken was cooked through I also put them in a separate bowl. Than scrubbed the pan down since the spices get all gunky on it. Out came the whole wheat tortilla's.

I warmed them up in the pan and flipped them over.

Than laid each one down on a plate filled them with veggies, chicken, and some pickled Jalapenos I had in the fridge. YUM!

After that I spooned some brown rice next to them and called it dinner.

It was a nice dinner for the night and quite healthy as well.

Next week I hope to blog about Dwight Miller Orchards where i get my CSA, and also about my favorite cat Waffle!


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