Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday nature Walk

Today is my birthday, and I am 35 years old my beautiful daughter is 11 1/2 and all is right with the world. Well maybe not the whole world. Not so crazy about the oil spill crap going on, or the fact that people are still watching The Bachelor and Survivor. Would like to see less GMO's around as well. My little world here in Brattleboro is alright by me though.

Anyways today the Bean and I set off on a nature walk. We had John drive us over near Wal-Mart where the trails are near the mountain. There were not many people walking the trail at 1pm probably because it was a bit hot. I myself did not feel it was so hot we could not go walking though, and we set off to walk the flat trail instead of going up the mountain. on the way I saw these trees that kind of looked like a gateway into faerieland.

We walked along and I took pictures of flowers, plants etc....

This went on for a while and than we came to a sign that i had not noticed when walking the trail before. I am sure it was always there it just never caught my eye. Part of the sign had an arrow pointing to the left, and the words "To the River" were written on it. So I say aloud to Bean "Lets go and see the river". I sometimes do not think when I speak. The way to the river goes down a very steep hill, and yes there are stairs but not like the kind in a house. These are stairs covered in leaves and rocks and are quite slippery. My daughter of course is far ahead of me wondering what is taking me so long. I told myself well i wanted an adventure, and now I was getting one.

Once at the bottom though it was quite worth the steep climb down. The river is beautiful and we were both wearing our swim shoes so it was no problem to wade in a bit. The scene is beautiful.

The climb back up the hill killed my knee though, and i vowed not to do it again! I doubt I will hold to that vow as I did enjoy wading in the water and would like to take a picnic there sometime. Bean waited patiently at the top of the hill telling me not to quit. I just love how she has all the energy in the world and seems to think I will just stop moving and lay to die in the middle of the steps.

After that I needed a breather before walking on even further along the main path that I was now wishing I had stuck too. Bean decided to inspect a mushroom, and eat wild rose petals. As long as she does not eat the mushrooms I am fine. I willed myself to walk some more.

While walking I took some more pictures of Bean.

Than it looked like someone made a fort.

Bean became fascinated with anthills so I took a picture of one.

This large rock always looks like he is making a face at me.

We than waited for John to come pick us up and I did a small 3 card Tarot reading for Bean. She liked the outcome of it and was quite pleased. I was happy to be using my new Tarot deck, and extremely relieved to be sitting down.

Now we are home and Bean is drawing away while I sit here on the Internet as usual. Later i will do my earth ritual for today my focus is on Earth!


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